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Net Doctors Storefront E-Commerce Solutions

Net Doctors offers E-commerce solutions from LeGarde's Storefront web application.  Below are some of the features that the software supports and some general pricing guidelines.

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Superior Services and Support
StoreFront Hosting
Secure hosting with your e-mail and domain name from StoreFront's team of experts - housed in a state of the art data center.
30 Days Free
Store Building
Store Designs
Whether you're starting from scratch or trying to match and existing site design, StoreFront offers flexible design options, including customizable themes, complete store design services by StoreFront's team of professional designers, and easy to use tools to allow you to create your own design.
Design Tools
FrontPage and Dreamweaver Integration
StoreFront site creation and design tools are available from the Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver menus.
Secure Online Operations
Ensure the security of customer and business data using StoreFront's sophisticated support for SSL and credit card encoding.
Advanced Encryption
Industry leading Triple DES encryption offers state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect the integrity of credit card data.
Product Management
Number of Products
Catalog a virtually unlimited number of products. Shoppers can browse product pages or use the advanced search utility to find specific items.
Product Import and Batch Update Utility
Easy information exchange! Add products to a web store or complete batch updates by simply importing data from an existing database or delimited file.
Catalog and Product Page Templates
Catalog and product page design just got a lot easier. StoreFront lets you choose from a number of fully customizable templates without having to modify the html.
Unlimited Sub-Categories
Build unlimited levels of categories and subcategories so that merchants can easily manage products and support drill down product searches.
Price and Weight Sensitive Product Attributes
Easily manage product and shipping costs for product attributes, such as size. For example, merchants can charge more for a large bag of dog food and have accurate shipping costs that take into account the increased weight.
Customer Defined Attributes
Provide shoppers with a field to input product specific special instructions or information. Great for personalized merchandise, such as invitations!
Inventory Tracking With Backorder
Advanced inventory tracking features allow merchants to keep track of inventory and communicate that to customers. Allow or disallow backorders, display quantity in stock on product pages, receive e-mail notification of low stock levels and more.
Order Processing
Integrated Shipment Tracking
Bring customers back to the web store to track delivery status. Get the same information returned from the shipping carrier's own web site while promoting repeat purchases.
Merchant Account/Gateway Integration
StoreFront has built-in integration with most of the leading merchant account and gateway service providers (click here to view a list of integrated gateways).
Automated Tax Calculations
Local, state/province, and country tax region options can be used to calculate Tax rates during checkout.
Real Time Shipping Rates
Get accurate shipping costs real time from leading carriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and CanadaPost. Customers can shop prices from a list of supported methods and choose an option that meets their timeline and budget. Merchants can also figure shipping costs based on the order total or products ordered.
Multiple Payment Options
Accept electronic checks, purchase orders, COD, credit card, and phone/fax orders
Download Delivery
Offer merchants automated delivery of soft goods, such as music, software, graphics, etc. Specify when the download is made available and for how long.
Automated Drop Shipping
Merchants can identify unique vendors for each product, so that when an order comes in, the vendor can ship the product to the customer from their warehouse.
Marketing and Promotions
Promotional Mail Utility
Send product announcements and special offers to customers with html e-mails  - and add graphics and dynamic data for real impact.
HTML & Text
Search Engine Submission
Type in your own site-specific key words, meta-tags and descriptions, and StoreFront will automatically place them on your web store pages.
Now its easy to use coupons as sales incentives. Specify when and how the coupon will expire and what items the coupon can be applied to.
Product or Storewide Sales
Launch sales for specific products, product categories, vendors or manufacturers or implement a storewide sale. Ex: All widgets on sale, 10% off all Acme products, everything on sale. You have the ability to accelerate sales where you want.
Extended Affiliate Programs
Build referral sales with StoreFront's fully automated affiliate program. Powerful affiliate management tools allow affiliates to securely track referral sales.
Suggested Selling
The easiest time to add on a sale is when a customer is buying. With suggested selling you can link add-on products to customers' choices several times during the buying process.
Related Items
Encourage add-on sales by displaying related items at the bottom of product pages.
Volume Pricing
Promote bulk purchases by offering volume purchase discounts. Set up to seven separate levels and offer a percentage or fixed amount off of base the base price.
Sell On eBay
Promote bulk purchases by offering volume purchase discounts. Set up to seven separate levels and offer a percentage or fixed amount off of base the base price.
Shopper Features
Running Cart Total
Lets customers keep track of their order with a cart summary on every page.
Customer Address Book
Shoppers can store an unlimited number of addresses in a personal address book. We make it easy for shoppers every step of the way.
Multiple Ship-to Addresses
Just like it sounds. A customer can do holiday shopping and send gifts to multiple people within in a single order.
Wish Lists
Allow customers to add items to a wish list and e-mail that list to friends and family. A great tool for holiday, wedding or special occasion shopping.
E-Mail to a Friend
Drive site traffic by giving shoppers the ability to email product information to a friend or associate.
Gift Wrap
Shoppers can choose to have items gift wrapped when checkout out.
Gift Messages
Personalized message can be associated with a gift item.
Simple Search Utility
Let shoppers search for items from any page. A great feature!
Gift Certificates
StoreFront 6 lets web stores to accept gift certificates as payment. Any leftover amount can be saved for later.
Customer-Specific Pricing
Allows merchants to set up multiple tiered pricing specific to classes of customers, allowing "frequent shopper" programs or multi-level distribution systems.
Store Management
Sales Reports
Monitor sales activity using detailed sales reporting tools. Generate sales summary, sales detail and product sales reports.
Order Fulfillment
Merchants can manage incoming orders with StoreFront's order fulfillment tools. They can track which orders have been paid and/or shipped, print packing slips, and enter shipping tracking numbers.
Web Based Merchant Tools
Easily update product information, run sales, and manage store settings through a set of web based store administration tools.
E-Mail Confirmations
Merchants and shoppers receive instant e-mail notification when an order has been placed. Customize the content, add images, etc to your confirmation e-mails.
QuickBooks Integration
Streamline your accounting operations with the integrated QuickBooks export tool. Automatically extract orders and customer data into QuickBooks.
For Developers
Visual Studio .NET Project
Customize business logic and more with the full Visual Studio .NET project files.
Developer APIs
Published interfaces for modules such as shipping, tax, inventory, order tracking, etc. allow for full customization of the StoreFront application.
Technology Platform
ASP.NET - The newest web development language pioneered by Microsoft. Building on-line stores in .Net increases performance and gives you the framework for a more robust, extensible web application.
Access or SQL Server Database Support
In addition to support for Microsoft Access, StoreFront provides full support for a robust, high performance SQL Server backend.
Access or SQL

All these features along with the service of the Net Doctors you can be assured that your web site will return your investment in no time!

We setup the storefront software on our redundant servers and secure all customers' transactions with 128-bit encryption so you can be assured that Credit Card information is not tampered with during transactions.

Our software is scalable so it can grow with your business. Once setup, it is easy to manage your storefront through any web browser from any computer with an Internet connection. You can add products, initiate sales, and check orders in a matter of minutes.

The storefront software is easy to use so you can manage your store after the initial setup or the Net Doctors can take that responsibility it is up to you.


There are many factors that factor into the base price of your site. Generally, this depends on the number of products, if pictures have been taken of your products and if you currently have a database or spreadsheet of your products. On average a product with a customer picture and customer provided text is $12.00 per item. We can do custom pictures of your items for $75 per hour as needed.

Secure Certificate:

128-Bit secure certificate is obtained through a third party vendor and the price is $250 for two years. Afterwards it is only $125 per year to renew the certificate. This certificate certifies that transactions are secure between your customers and your credit card gateway.

Store Setup Fee:

This is a license fee to pay for the use of the storefront software. There is also a startup fee for the development of your custom store with the categories and colors you choose. This is a one time fee of $400.

E-Commerce Hosting:

It is $75 per month to host your site on our servers. We maintain a 24/7 watch on your site to ensure your store is always selling for you. We do NOT take percentages from your sales unlike some providers. This is the only monthly recurring charge you will have for your storefront.

Credit Card Gateway:

It is necessary to interface a Credit Card merchant account with our software to accept online payments. We can provide this for you or point you in the right direction. Most merchants provide the gateway as a free service to your account some other companies so charge for this service. If not, we recommend Authorize.net for your gateway service.





We can customize the store software to work with your business! Please give us a call to discuss your situation with us. Once we have discussed your needs we can prepare a solution to help you get on the Internet and start selling in no time.  We are here to help!

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